We are by far, Sri Lanka’s leading Container Conversion Supplier. Catering to Local and International customers, we work with 20’ & 40’ container configurations to meet specific requirements. Our award winning Fabrication Team converts steel boxes into everything you can imagine; homes, cafeterias, site offices, laboratories, toilet suites and display units.

Our workmanship is unmatched as is our overall expertise in this area. Our list of satisfied clients using our standard models and benefiting from their multiple uses is many. NGO’s, Construction Companies, Banks, Cafes, Dockyards, Govt Institutions, Sports Clubs, Armed Forces; the list is as long as you can make it!

Converted Containers are available with insulation, partitioning and sanitation. These have the advantage of being portable, quickly deployable, cost competitive and could be set-up on conventional structures. Units can be designed with doors, windows, lighting, air conditioning, toilet facilities, etc.

What can be done is only limited by your imagination and so all you got to do is take one small step; call us in.



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