Container Freight Station & Warehousing

The CFS operation is primed for Service and provides Cargo Consolidation and Value Added Services to the import and export industry. Inland haulage is carried out by our own transport fleet which includes Prime-Movers and 20'/40' Trailers, allowing us to keep to tight delivery schedules and door- to-door services.

Such is our confidence, that we undertake challenges in transportation involving empty and laden container transportation with Port Documentation Services when demanded.

In addition, we take pride in offering warehouse facilities for any type of cargo and logistics services. Our Team is lead by people who care. From our Warehouseman to the Company Owners, our long experience and utmost dedication, makes a difference.

We offer short and long term warehousing, for small or large businesses.



Our dedicated staff has many years experience in various industrial fields and are therefore very familiar with many different kinds of products, various types of containers, varied packaging, and the know-how to handle all these complex configurations.

With a sharp well focused service orientation, we deal with both small and large companies, different warehousing programmes in relation to specific needs, and in that spirit, our representatives remain ready at all times to address your business requirements.

At present we have Warehousing space of 25,000 Sq. ft. and expansion plans are underway.

To facilitate cargo handling, we are geared with following.

  • 3 Nos. of 3 ton capacity Forklift
  • 1 No. of 15 ton capacity Forklift
  • Cargo Loading Bay



Accuracy and efficiency are key factors of your business. So is ours! As a dedicated Logistics Operator, we understand the demands of our customers. We have our own transport fleet, as well as established relationships with outside carriers to service your delivery needs.

We provide cost effective and efficient Third Party Logistics (3PL) services including Warehousing, Packing, Freight Forwarding, Shipping and Transport Management.

We know that getting your product to your customers, on-time every time is a priority that cannot be ignored.



We understand the demands that customers make, and it is our aim to make those demands possible. Listed below are our Speciality Services; but if there is any other, just contact us and let us deal with the details of your requirements.

  • Stuffing and de-stuffing of containers
  • Palletizing of goods
  • Shrink wrapping of goods & pallets
  • Lashing of cargo/vehicles.
  • Sorting of goods and labeling
  • Yard storage facility
  • Reefer plugging
  • Flexitank Loading facility
  • Laden container storage and handling